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Lola Podcast Host Wrangler Introduces us to 3 Podcasts

lola-3-with-2.jpg Senior Marketing Manager, Matt "Dez" Desilet is interviewed by Funnel Radio producer, Susan Finch as Lola prepares to launch their third podcast.

This short episode gives you the behind the scenes stories about our three hosts and podcasts:

Road Warrior Radio with host Ryan Ball, Table Fries with host Jeanne Hopkins and our newest - The Agile Operations Podcast, as well as details about the Lola Book Club.

In keeping with the current style of publishing an entire season at one time, we are following that pattern here for The Agile Operations Podcast. 

The Agile Operations Podcast is a new show hosted by’s CEO, Mike Volpe. Episodes will feature a conversation between Mike and folks who think outside the box as they handle operations at their companies. Mike will also be featuring several leaders at Agile Operations companies on the show, creating the platform for the next great conversation in the Agile Revolution. 

By the first week in April 2019, we will have six episodes ready for you to binge. 

Guests include:

Dusty Davidson
Ron May
Christina Luconi
Hiten Shah