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3 minutes: Does free Coke still work when you scale to 1000 employees?

May 6, 2019

Culture first and build all the other elements after. How do we want to scale? Think bigger picture. Free soda when there are 200 people is one thing. When you grow to over a 1,000, does it still work or do you have to take it away? You need a vision for your team, your culture, your growth and stay with it in everything that you do. The culture here in Boston is a bit behind Silicon Valley. Here it still means to have a fun person at the front desk who knows how to throw parties, but that doesn't sustain. If you hit a bad quarter, do you have an understanding of you who are to dig in and ride it out? Listen to the full episode.

About our guest:

Christina Luconi is the Chief People Officer at Rapid7, where she leads strategic people initiatives, focusing on the entire employee lifecycle: recruiting stellar talent, preserving corporate culture, and acquisition integration. Prior to Rapid7, Christina founded People Innovations, a consulting firm focused on the creation of innovative people strategies.