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6 minutes: Virtually Rethinking Lunch and Company Meetings

June 24, 2019

Jessica Meher talking about the success in sending executives to remote offices during those company meetings. You want to give remote sales teams dealing with different time zones a good experience. Posting a conversation on our wiki it kept the conversation going, even if they missed the meeting. Could use a combination. Lola uses Slack. They both say, more emojis on Slack, but deeper questions about the meeting on the wiki. Find what works for you. Donut - roulette of mixing you with other employees in other locations for lunch, happy hour, coffee. Small groups, or just two people. Great way to mix it up. Happy Hour rules are no work talk - just get to know each other. And just how old IS Mike Volpe? He gives away some tells in this clip. "Back in the day..." Think about how much more accepted it is to hang out on some form of video chat such as Facetime, Zoom, and the rest.

About our guest:

As VP of Marketing at Notarize, Jessica Meher is responsible for building a marketing team and program for a fast-growing SaaS business. Prior to Notarize, Jessica led the marketing team at InVision, achieving rapid growth and building one of the strongest brands in the industry. Jessica loves building strong teams and finding creative ways to generate demand and take products to market.

The original full episode is titled, "How to Build a Thriving Remote Team." Listen here.