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S1E4: Achieving Organizational Self-Awareness

April 11, 2019


Few people spend as much time questioning startup conventional wisdom as Hiten Shah. Whether he’s re-evaluating existing processes or questioning best practices, Hiten always seems to find a way to do things better, faster and more nimbly than most.

In this episode of The Agile Operations Podcast, Hiten joins CEO Mike Volpe to talk about returning to first principles and constantly checking in on organizational health, including:

  • Why Hiten hates the phrase “bootstrapping”
  • The metrics that matter at different growth stages
  • The constant tradeoff between time and money
  • How to be better than yesterday
  • Why companies get slower over time
  • And more!

About our guest:

Hiten Shah has started and run many SaaS companies, most recently FYI, a tool that helps you find all of your important documents in three clicks or less. But that’s just the beginning — Hiten has also founded companies like Product Habits, Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics and more. 

See how FYI can help you search and organize all your documents all in one place.