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CEOs want to hear the bad news, not the complaints.

October 9, 2019


Rob May thinks a lot about growing fast and empowering people to make the best decisions. As the co-founder of Talla and Backupify, he’s managed to learn how to go slow in order to go fast, and the importance of routine, high-quality employee training.

In this episode of The Agile Operations Podcast, Rob joins CEO Mike Volpe to talk about the myths and realities of sustainably growing a business, including:

  • Why CEOs hate getting only good news
  • Tips for tightening feedback loops
  • Determining the right cadence of company-wide conversations
  • Are CEO office hours a hoax?
  • When agile operations tools become a burden
  • The one-step process for a shitty press release

About our guest:

Rob May is CEO and co-founder of Talla, which builds intelligent assistants to help knowledge workers better do their jobs. Prior to Talla, Rob was CEO and co-founder of Backupify, the world’s first cloud to cloud backup company. Rob is driven by complex systems and the interaction of economics, brains and computers. If you’re interested in similar topics, you should check out his newsletter: InsideAI.


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