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S1E6: How to Build a Thriving Remote Team

April 11, 2019


Growing a distributed team isn’t easy, but Jessica Meher is one of the best. Leading the marketing team at Notarize, a largely remote company with several offices, Jessica is constantly looking for new and better ways to collaborate, make processes more efficient, and produce amazing results. But it’s not always easy.

In this episode of The Agile Operations Podcast, Jessica joins CEO Mike Volpe to talk about the opportunities and challenges of scaling a decentralized company, including:

  • Choosing between live and digital conversations
  • Picking the right communication channels
  • Overcoming time zones
  • Her favorite Slack plugins for remote teams
  • Key tools for decentralized collaboration
  • And more!

About our guest:

As VP of Marketing at Notarize, Jessica Meher is responsible for building a marketing team and program for a fast-growing SaaS business. Prior to Notarize, Jessica led the marketing team at InVision, achieving rapid growth and building one of the strongest brands in the industry. Jessica loves building strong teams and finding creative ways to generate demand and take products to market.