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4 minutes: Tattletales not welcome - figure it out on your own.

May 2, 2019

The key point in this clip from Episode 2 is if you come to a CEO with a decision you should make yourself, learn from that feedback. Don't bring complaints about another staff member to the CEO. This is not elementary school. Take your problems with a person to the person and learn how to communicate. It cannot be the CEO's job to intervene in every small issue. Sometimes when it's done a different way, big policies are created to avoid tiny mistakes. It's a waste of time. Work out the issues and learn from them. Listen to the full episode with Rob May.

About our guest:

Rob May is CEO and co-founder of Talla, which builds intelligent assistants to help knowledge workers better do their jobs. Prior to Talla, Rob was CEO and co-founder of Backupify, the world’s first cloud to cloud backup company. Rob is driven by complex systems and the interaction of economics, brains, and computers. If you’re interested in similar topics, you should check out his newsletter: InsideAI.