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S1E5: The Real MVP: Minimum Viable Process

April 11, 2019


The harder the problem, the more Karen Rubin wants to solve it. Whether she’s looking for new ways to learn from data or finding ways to make intelligent decisions more quickly, Karen is a true advocate for the agile operations mindset.

In this episode of The Agile Operations Podcast, Karen joins CEO Mike Volpe to talk about how startups can use data and creativity to grow fast, including:

  • How to know when something is “good enough”
  • The dangers of automating too early
  • Tips for avoiding over-engineering
  • The key to finding the Minimum Viable Process
  • And more!

About Our Guest

As VP of Growth for Owl Labs, Karen Rubin finds solutions to sticky problems and looks for creative ways to grow quickly. Prior to Owl Labs, Karen served as VP of Product for Qunatopian, Entrepreneur in Residence at Matric Partner, and Product Manager at HubSpot. She’s passionate about startup culture and the energy, creativity and intelligence of the people who work there.