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The Start-up Timeline Requires Patience and Agility

November 26, 2019


Documenting company history and decisions and making that available to new hires. Mike encourages new hires to go back one year or even 18 months to catch up. He and Anum both embrace the 100-day success plan for new hires. Since her company, Acciyo, is so new, it's currently at a 7-day success plan with a linked document filled with resources to better understand the logic. There is a lot of information stored in your head, but the more you can get out there to be consumed by those on your team the better and makes them more successful. Learn from them both in this episode.

She's embracing being patient and knowing there is going to be a lot of integration opportunity coming. But now, her storytelling abilities are fully implemented to pitch for funding. A start-up is an entirely different timeline and task list. Listen in to see what she's learned about herself and how she's had to dial back those 60-slide decks to get their initial interest. The old saying, "Just tell me the time, not how to make the watch." You'll enjoy her interview and start-up story.

Anum shares mistakes to avoid embracing agility include:

The best way to make sure everyone knew how decisions were made was to create a spreadsheet with the hierarchy. At first, it seemed that it made them agile with the transparency, but really it hurt morale because everyone could see what their standing was. Also, no one could make a decision quickly.

Another example was that it was determined to switch focus to another area, tasks got dumped on me so I had to switch - being agile, I did. But what was left out was the WHY the switch in focus needed to happen.

Transparency and Agility - everyone interprets them in different ways. Listen in to hear a clearer definition. 

About Mike's guest:

Anum started her career studying journalism and reporting for The Boston Globe. She pivoted to growth marketing at HubSpot, where she grew with the company for five years from startup to publicly-traded. She then decided to find a way to marry her passion for media and technology through an MBA at MIT, which opened up opportunities at Snapchat, Rough Draft Ventures, and more. Now, she's running her own startup, Acciyo, while working on a number of creative projects that help elevate minorities in tech and media. 


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