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What it Means to be Data Informed and not Data Driven - Dusty Davidson: Flywheel

August 21, 2019


Transparency and trust. When creating a company culture that is successful, you need to give everyone the resources and information across all the things you do. Inspire them to make the decision as if it is their company. That's where DIFUFEE comes in. If you're not familiar with the acronym, listen in. Flywheel talks about that with regards to the decisions you'd make with regards to money or the decisions you'd make with regards to booze in the office. Whatever it might be. The things that we sort of trust people to be grownups about it and keep the company's best interest in mind. Dusty Davidson talks with Mike Volpe about their weekly and quarterly cadence with the entire company physically to realign, to share progress, wins, fails and so that everybody understands where they're going and where they've been.

Flywheel's been around six years. They've gone from three people to 200 worldwide in that time. They understand the importance of tracking progress against ambitious goals and having a level of transparency to drive the velocity of growth.

About our guest:

Dusty Davidson is the co-founder and CEO of Flywheel, a fast-growing WordPress hosting company based in Omaha. Prior to Flywheel, Dusty started a wide range of ventures, including Tripleseat, Silicon Prairie News, Big Omaha, and more. When he’s not building something, Dusty can be found traveling, eating, spending time with his family, and advocating for Omaha.