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S1E1: What the Hell is DFIUFEE?

April 11, 2019


When you’ve built as many ventures as Dusty Davidson, you tend to learn quite a bit about building strong cultures, accelerating growth, and navigating the complicated process of building something great and sustainable. As the co-founder and CEO of the WordPress hosting company, Flywheel, Dusty has great insights into the challenges of maintaining a company’s culture as it grows and expands. And much of these lessons have been learned the hard way.

In this episode of The Agile Operations Podcast, Dusty joins CEO Mike Volpe to talk about the ins and outs of starting and growing companies, including:

  • How to be data-informed, not data-driven
  • The importance of embracing weirdness
  • The secrets behind successful onboarding
  • His guiding culture principle (‘DFIUFEE’)
  • And more!

About our guest:

Dusty Davidson is the co-founder and CEO of Flywheel, a fast-growing WordPress hosting company based in Omaha. Prior to Flywheel, Dusty started a wide range of ventures, including Tripleseat, Silicon Prairie News, Big Omaha, and more. When he’s not building something, Dusty can be found traveling, eating, spending time with his family, and advocating for Omaha.